Hernán Larraín Matte

My school was mostly YES, but I do remember very clearly that there was a debate [...] and I remember very well that Juan Diego Santa Cruz who was two years above me defended the NO vote [...]. And I was very impressed because the way he defended the NO was very powerful. Not only because he denounced the violation of human rights, but because he made a distinction between what a dictatorship was and a democracy, and the value of democracy itself. Because he defended democracy, more than attacking Pinochet [...]. And he came to say: There is something much better and more interesting than Pinochet, and that is democracy, and it is freedom, and it is public debate, and it is critical thinking, and it is the diversity of opinions, and it is competition, and it's the political parties, and it's the elections, and it's when the people decide, and the parties compete and the best ideas win.